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The brush paint is not included in the box.

Please remove the separator in the middle of the box. All KIT contents and users manual is located under the separator. Brushes would be wrapped in blue fabric.

I ordered touch up paint a year ago. I only got around to opening my kit today for the first time and found the paint has solidified. What can I do to use it again?

Add some amount(1/5 to 1/3) of the paint thinner(lacquer) and stir the paint well. Continue to add more paint thinner time until you have thinned all the dried paint and achieved the desired consistency. You can find it in the local market. It is called cellulose paint thinner.

What is the shelf life of the paint?

The shelf life of our product is up to 11-12 months.

How can I find the color code of my car?

The color code for your car can usually be found on a sticker or plate in the driver-side door jamb, the glove box, or in the trunk. The location and format of the code can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The code may be listed as a combination of letters and numbers and may be referred to as the "paint code," "color code," or "exterior paint code."

If you can't find the color code on the sticker or plate, you can also check your vehicle's registration or insurance documents, or contact your car's manufacturer for assistance.

It's also worth noting that some cars have multiple color codes, depending on the different parts of the car, like the roof, hood, or trunk.

How can I track my order?

There are a few ways to track your order, depending on the retailer or shipping company that you used.

Check your email: Many retailers will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number when your order is shipped.

Visit the retailer's website: Some retailers will allow you to track your order by logging into your account and viewing your order history.

Use a tracking number: If you have a tracking number, you can use it to track your package on the website of the shipping company (such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.)

Contact the retailer: If you are unable to track your order online, you can contact the retailer and they will be able to provide you with tracking information.

It's worth noting that it can take 24-48 hours for the tracking information to be updated after the package is shipped, so if the tracking information is not immediately available, please check again later.

What is a good temperature to work in?

Touch up paint may be okay to apply as low as 30°F. It will dry at this temperature but it certainly won't flow very well. If your goal is to do the best job and minimize the touch up look you want the paint to flow out and flatten well. This is best done under milder temperatures such as 65-75 F. In cooler environments below this I'd recommend using a hair dryer to keep the paint and application surface warm while paint dries.

Can I apply the paint in an airbrush?

You can thin the paint by lacquer thinner. Ratio will depend on your airbrush model, pressure etc. Usually 3 parts of paint and 1 part of thinner is okay. Spray over the scratch. Don't go over 18 psi with a distance more than 1 cm. Don't worry about over spraying as you operate on low pressure. Don't spray directly on a spot, move it along the scratch with 2-3 passes.

What are the differences between Basic, Plus and Pro KITs?

The differences between Basic, Plus, and Pro Kits depend on the specific product or service that is being offered. However, in general, these terms are often used to indicate different levels or tiers of a product or service, with each level offering different features or benefits.

A Basic Kit usually includes the minimum required items or features to get started with a product or service. It may be the most affordable option but also the most limited.

Package Contents

25 ml Paint Tailored to Color Code of Your Car

50 ml German Patented Cleaning Solution

25 ml Carnauba based Wax

25 ml Paste

Other materials necessary for application

A Plus Kit may include additional items or features that are not included in the Basic Kit. It may offer more value than the Basic Kit but also cost more.

Package Contents

50 ml Paint Tailored to Color Code of Your Car

50 ml German Patented Cleaning Solution

25 ml Carnauba based Wax and

25 ml Paste

Other materials necessary for application

A Pro Kit typically includes the most advanced or professional-grade items or features. It may be the most expensive option but also the most comprehensive.

It's important to check the specific details of each kit to understand what's included and to decide which one fits your needs and budget.


Package Contents

100 ml Paint Tailored to Color Code of Your Car

100 ml German Patented Cleaning Solution

25 ml Carnauba based Wax

25 ml Paste

Other materials necessary for application.

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